Re: Help with code for compact 5 cnc


Thanks Marcus for your help.    I got the program to work and just juggle the numbers some and got a part made to correct size.   I think I understand now what the problem was. It looks like some of the number of the diameter the program cant divide in half when it changes it to radius.     My machine has not been used in a

while and has developed a problem with the turret rotation.    I think I am going to take the motor off temporarily

and make a shaft and hand wheel to operate the tool changer until I can fix the control board. 

 I have another question or two .    Can I take my tool changer off and will a tool post like you have bolt on?

Do you know what kind of tools others are using to do internal threading and boring with the tool changer? 

Are they using round boring bars and threading tool mounted in the round holes in the turret?   If so where are they getting the tools that are the right diameter so you don't have to use adaptor bushings.   

One more question.  Are you using yours to do any cylinder finning?   I need to do 24 cylinders with 15 slots .031 wide .125 deep.    If so do you have any suggestion of  rpm for 1.375 dia leaded steel and what feed per rev.     


Thanks again Mark

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