Compact 5 CNC - Mach3 conversion


I dismantled my new to me compact 5, cleaned up years worth of rust and junk, and put it back together. Everything is smooth and tight now. This lathe had seen very little use in a school, with practically no wear. The DC motor runs fine and the spindle rotation is smooth, but that is the only electrical part working. The speed indication remains on zero and although the lights come on, the steppers are not getting any power. In any case my original intent was to scrap all the cnc parts including the steppers, and do a clean install with mach3.
I have a couple of questions:
1- Should I keep the DC drive, is it easy to separate from the rest of the electrics.
2- I guess many have gone this way before me, I would appreciate links to good write ups of the conversions.


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