Re: Help needed. How to rebuild ball screw


If the balls are a problem you may also work on the ball screw with it inside a plastic bag.
This trick works especially well with AR-15 Detent Pins.

From: Ferris Uy
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Sent: Friday, February 21, 2014 1:40 PM
Subject: [Emco_cnc_users] Re: Help needed. How to rebuild ball screw
I have rebuilt the ball screws before. After taking it apart, I removed the bearings (over a container to avoid losing any of them) and soaked them in WD40 for a few minutes. The bearings were then dried on a piece of tissue. I then proceeded to clean out the dried grease in the ball screw housing with a round brush dipped in WD40. After this, I wiped the screw threads dry.

In rebuilding the ball screw, I took some grease and wiped it on the threads within the ball screw housing. The tiny bearings will stick to the grease as you replace each one on the thread. (NOTE: There are 2 small pins that are embedded near both ends of the thread inside the ball screw housing. You will need to make sure the small bearings are installed between these 2 pins, or they will fall out). After all the bearings are installed on the thread, carefully screw on the leadscrew. It may take you a few tries to ensure that no bearings pop out of the stopper pins as you replace the leadscrew. But, with some patience you should be able to complete rebuilding the ball screw. Btw, with the bearings covered in new grease, they don't bounce off far from where you are working. Hope this helps.

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