Re: Help needed. How to rebuild ball screw

Peter Keizer <keizer.peter@...>

Hi Sam,

place the nut on the end of the screw, and screw it on there untill theres just about one pitch open.

Then use a small stick (drill, screwdriver, etc etc) and get a tip of grease on it.
Then you can pick up a ball on that stick. The grease will function like glue. Now push all the balls in the nut, screw the nut on further a bit and back. You'll be able to fill it like that.

Goodluck, and be patient!


2014-02-20 14:01 GMT+01:00 sam <westmount_sam@...>:


I recently got a compact 5 cnc that I am trying to rebuild. The X axis ball screw was completely frozen and even after many treatments with light oil and wd40, it was still very rough. I opened it up and and was full of junk and small balls of course. I did not lose any, but how to get them in. Any one done this before. Thanks

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