Help with code for compact 5 cnc


Hi I have been trying to use MFI to get the program for some parts that I what to make for a model engine I want to build.   The parts I want to make are the cylinders.  I have 24 blanks roughed out.  They are 1.625 dia x 2.156 long.   I have them faced on both ends and are the right length and they are bored.  I did this on a manual lathe. 


I now want to use my Emco compact 5 Mk4  to do more work on them.  I have been getting frustrated trying to punch in my program on the machine.  No matter what I do I keep getting alarm 02 when I type in my x number.  


It would be real helpful if someone  could write the code that I need .  I could then punch it into my machine and see if it works .  I could also put it into MFI  and see how it compares to what I have done.   This would be a big help to me understanding what I am doing.



I have  the machine set on inch mode.    I would like to use feed per rev for feed . I would also like to do this in absolute mode. I would like to use g84 to turn the 1.375 dia and the 1.250 dia.   After the turning cycle was done use g78 for the threading cycle.     Almost forgot the material is 12 L14  steel . It is leaded steel and cut like butter.   So use whatever feeds and speeds are appropriate.

   I will try to attach  a crude drawing .     Thanks for your help              




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