Re: Emco Tool Changer Turret plans

Peter Keizer <keizer.peter@...>

Hi Daniël,

I don't have any plans for the tool changer, but it's really simple, maybe someone can make some photos of it.
I'm using the stock tool changer with a stepper motor on it. Works like a charm.

Now I'm thinking about it I must have some plans somewhere in my desktop pc. But I'll have to search for it, because I have no idea where it's stored in my pc.

Anyways, good luck searching for information. I hope someone else Van help you out better than I do.



Op 27 jan. 2014 21:48 schreef <mydani@...>:


Hi all,

I will get my Emco Compact 5 CNC tomorrow - oh joy! However it doesn't have a automatic tool changer. Now I can find that there was a posting with plans for a DIY build of an automated toolchanger - but can't find them.

Can you help me out?


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