Re: Unimat PC Problem !!


Could you tell us more about the software "Turbo" were did you find it?

Have you manage to run the Emco software under Windows?

I have some issues with my set-up, so your advice can help!

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Thank you,

i have found the right software and the machine works. The PC is to fast, the machine makes Stepp error, i have fix it with a Software for Windows "Turbo" this tool break the cpu, and the machine work´s fine.

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I finally got my card today interfaces. So I put it into my PC, playing up dos and EMCO software installed. Then I have written a program, and wanted to turn it, but the machine moves when not set. What can it be?


ich habe heute endlich meine Schnittstellen Karte bekommen. Also habe ich sie in Meinen PC eingebaut, dos aufgespielt und die EMCO software installiert. Dann habe ich ein Programm Geschrieben, und wollte es drehen lassen, aber die maschine bewegt sich beim einrichten nicht. Was kann es sein ??

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