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Thanks for the answer, then it seems that my first guess may be correct. That was that the PC-1 may be a controller for an older Emco hardness test equipment (see

I have seen pictures of Emco "production cells" for education. But, I have not seen any brochure of it! Perhaps someone may fill us in on this, and post some scanned pictures/pages.

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Well...... I finally broke open the crate that holds the arm and low an behold, it is not an EMCO robot arm like I was told when it was purchased. It is a Seiko D-Tran. I had opened the crate with the controller a long time, and it is in fact an old PC-1 controller. That is what got me to thinking it was an EMCO arm.

The arm has a separate small control box. It has a keyboard and what looks like a 2 x 80 lcd display. The arm has some separate hydraulic controls that might be either control for a hand (missing) or for lubrication. Where the "hand" should go there is a camera mounted which has some focusing contraption routed into a Panasonic control box that is mounted on the side of the arm.

Some time ago, on EBAY there was a brochure for an EMCO machining center that showed a C5, a F1 and a robot arm making chess pieces. It was part of their advertising for selling systems to schools for automation training. If only I has taken the time to copy what they showed in the auction. Anyone else seen that brochure?

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That was interesting. Never knew that Emco did robot arm. Can you put up pictures on arm in the photos section, or mail to me?

Do you know when your arm where produced?

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It looks exactly like the one that came with my EMCO robot arm. Still sitting in the garage. So many toys and such little time.

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Have anyone seen one of those controllers before? Any information about them?

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