Re: Emco CAD Cam with new PC?

Peter Keizer <keizer.peter@...>

I'm not sure whether the CADCAM software works the same as the emco 5 PC software, but if it does, I never run it from win xp. I actually made a boot disk. Which boots that software from the hard disk when the cd is in the tray.

This means that if I put my boot disk in the tray and start up my computer, it will load emco's software. Straight from dos.
If I don't put it in the tray, my computer will boot windows.

I'm not sure if I have the image for that disk. Perhaps I can make one from the cd that I have made.

Hope this message helped you a bit..

Regards, Peter. 

Op 8 jan. 2013 om 16:49 heeft "icpms0815" <icp-ms@...> het volgende geschreven:


I Downloaded the old emco CAD Cam Software from the file section.
With my Compact 5 CNC i use a win xp Laptop.
But the Old DOS Software won't run on xp.
How did you manage it?
Is there an additional tool i need?

Run-time error F6700:Open (


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