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It can only be the brushes which are worn or one of the windings has gone 'open'. Brushes can be modified to fit if originals are not available and the motor can be rewound - although this may be expensive - and the commutator re-machined. Brushes may be available from the motor manufacturer or at least the specifications. There are small motor rewinding companies, at least in the UK. If the brushes have been allowed to wear below the Emco stated minimum, this may welll be the problem.

Having the motor rebuilt would get over the problem of not being able to use a secondhand one.

How do you know it is the motor and not the powersupply / controller board?

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Because the engine is broke, and I can't find the axact same motor in Belgium. And we are not allowed to do the chance with a second handed motor. but thanks

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Its a 90vdc .5hp motor. Why do you want to change it? Its a good motor. DC
controllers are readily available and would give you variable speed.

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