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The software is in the Unimat forum, NOT this forum.


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This seems to be software for the Emco 5 PC, mine is the Emco Unimat PC. Can I use this software for my machine also?



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In the files section of the Unimat yahoo forum you can download the last version of the software.

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Thanks for the info. There is no software with the computer, just the hardware is provided. Do you no if there is an opportunity to buy the software somewhere or is it better to upgrade to more modern versions like mach3.


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It runs only under MS-DOS and the controller card needs an ISA-slot (not the PCI-slot used since about year 2000). i.e you will need an old computer, at leat 10 years old.

btw. I have put up an instruction video on Youtube on the control software. Search for Unimat PC cnc.

Best regards

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I have the opportunity to buy an EMCO Unimat PC CNC with which seems to be the original software and computercard.
I was wondering on what operating system is this software running and will I be able to run it on a Windows XP machine or should it be DOS.
Please I am a super newbie so any information is more than welcome



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