Re: Compact 5 CNC versus 5PC


No, the 5PC can not use the tool changer as far as I know. (well, it can be mounted but there is no way to control it with the original 5PC set-up)


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The 5CNC is the older of the two machines. It has its own custom
software built in- in 4 different versions.
. It will take the toolchanger, provided it has the appropriate pc
board. and the necessary version of the software. The PC version may
also take the tool changer, but you need to check elsewhere to confirm it

Jim Gregg.
On 12/1/2011 12:52 PM, antennacrafter wrote:
Aside from needing an external PC for the 5PC, what if any difference is there between the two? If one model newer than another. Can the tool changer be added to these machines if it did not come with one?



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