I don't have the answer, but where did you find downloadable MSD profiles at Emco´s website?


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Hi all!

Our school have two EMCO machines (an EMCO PC MILL 55 and an PC TURN 55) that have been inactive since 2005. This week I took this problem on my hands and I was able to solve some communication problems with the pc and the EMCO GE Fanuc 21 board, but I'm still having some problems to get WinNC and the machines working togheter.
For some reason WinNC is no reciving all of the instructions from the keyboard or the Fanuc board (ie, I have no feedback from pc when I change the operative mode from the Fanuc board, and I can't even make the machine move a single milimiter on JOG, or any other mode, using the pc keyboard), somthing like if just half of the program work.
By the end of the week I reach the conclusion that the problem was on WinNC and not in the machines, dongle board, or fanuc board.
Last thing I tried was to reinstall/update WinNC but the instalation program asks for an MSD disk that I don't have. I downloaded the MSD profiles from EMCO website and copy them into a floppy disk, but no luck.

Can anyone who may have that disk make a .zip of it and upload it so I can try reinstaling WinNC next monday?



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