Re: PC5 Stepper Driver

David Rabenius

   I would also replace the steppers as Ron did on his conversion. The EMCO steppers were specially made for EMCO, they are underpowered and just shy of impossible to get new. I called EMCO 5 years ago and they said that they would be $ 495.00 EACH and they didnt have any in stock.
  Morer importantly is the EMCO steppers are 72 steps per revolution while a modern stepper has 200 steps per rvolution. Pacific Scientific make a nice 145 oz stepper and is priced under $ 120.00. These motor are over double the torque of stock motors. You only need to drill & ream the shaft for the pin. There are deals on ebay for similar steppers that can be had for less monet as well.


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