WTB K3/0-Mini to Remoterig cable

Dan K4FN

I am having trouble locating an Elecraft E980263 cable.  It is the DB-15 cable that connects the Elecraft K3/0 Mini to the RRC-1258.  Elecraft and HRO do not have them.  I have the info to make one but would prefer a factory cable if one can be found.

Dan  K4FN

Dan K4FN

For anyone else looking for this cable here is info that I received from Mikael at Microbit.

No I have never had them but 
it’s quite easy to make a cable as only a 15 pin dsub and a RJ12 modular connector with 3 wires are needed.  All other items like mic, speaker, paddles etc can be connected direct to the RRC box, they dont need to be connected via the K3/0 mini.

73 de mike