Windows 11 issue - installing a program

OZ0J Joe



On a brand-new PC with a brand-new Windows 11 (updated), I got the message, that some om the programs needed an APP (!!) to be installed. And no app was found in my Windows 11 to the program.


I decided to find the solution and here it is:


Right click on the EXE file (installation file)

Choose “show more properties” = Shift+F10 or something like that (my Windows is in Danish language)

Right click on “properties” in the bottom.

Remove the mark in “block” in the bottom og set a mark in “unblock” (again my Windows is in Danish language)


A guide that shows you how to do can be found at


So far, I had issues with:


K3 Utility software

DX4WIN (It could be the updater program to version 8)



This is only for your information if you have some issues with some on the HAM related software.


73, Joe, OZ0J

Steve VE3RX

This is a common issue with some browsers, Windows will set "Block" execution for all .EXE files that are downloaded. It may even set it for some other file formats.
I guess they call this a security feature, but unless you remember to unblock a downloaded file, it just will not run.
This blocking of .EXE files also happened with Win7 and my Firefox browser.