Wanted: KPA3 100 W Amp

Bob Marchese

Hello all,
I currently own a K3/10 and am looking to upgrade to a K3/100.  If anyone has a KPA3 100 Amp (Not KPA3A)  or would like to make a trade plus cash email me at K1NOK@....
Thank you and Happy New Year to all.
Bob - K1NOK

John Duncan

Hey Bob, did you find your KPA3 amp? I think I have one. Meaning, I just purchased a k3/100 but need the amp out to use it on a remote where the power can't accidentally be tuned up.

Mark W2OR


I see you might still have a KPA3 amp there.  I'd be interested, if you could drop me an email W2OR (at) arrl (dot) (net).   And am also looking for other K3 parts, boards, etc.  Thank you.
// Mark