rs232 splitter

bill steffey NY9H

i think he wants to run two apps *( wsjt & CAT)  on one rs232 line

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Bob Chortek

Exactly right!  Will it work?

Steve VE3RX

Try to use LP-Bridge. It connects to the K3 RS-232 line directly and allows you to create multiple COM ports for different applications to connect to the K3 via virtual COM ports you create. One note, if using WSJT-X, use the first "created" port and allow "metadata", else WJST-X will not be able to control the radio with a full command set. My LP-bridge is set so the first virtual COM port is for WSJT-X, and others are for N1MM+, Logger32 and one for NAP3 (I use that for waterfall since I do not have a P3)


Bob Chortek

Thanks Steve,

I’ll look into that!