QRPWorks K-Board For Sale

Jim - WS6X

Thought I’d try here before “going public” to the ham classifieds. I have for sale an essentially unused smart keyboard interface for a K3/K3s:


QRP Works - K-Board K3/K3S Package 2. See the particulars here:


This is a very slick package, and works flawlessly! Reason for selling? Laziness! I simply never got it fully integrated into my two - K3 station. Now I’m facing a downsizing move, so need to part company.

This package is currently selling for $199. In addition, my offer also includes a matching wireless mouse with USB dongle. (Photo available for serious inquiries.)

My asking price = $150 plus shipping.


Please contact me off list. IMPORTANT: Send me an email with your phone number, and a good time for me to call! I will call you accordingly. See my email address in QRZ. Thanks for looking.


Jim – WS6X


Jim - WS6X

The K-Board is sold.


Jim – WS6X