OT KX1 for sale

Gene Sochor

KX1 Elecraft QRP transceiver, mint condition. KXB3080 option for 20/40/30/80 operation, KXAT-1 tuner, KXPD1 paddle, dimpled tuning knob. Includes Pelican 1060 black waterproof compact carrying case with/shoulder strap, 2 sets of 4 each 11450 3.6V AA size cells with 2 'dummy' AAs to provide 14V and maximum power output (you can still use regular AA's if desired), 33' antenna on mini-winder, 20m light weight dipole, high quality earbuds with braided non-tangle cord.  Pix available. Rare find. $685 shipping included within continental US. PayPal accepted. Gene N9SW cell 630-404-8100