KPA 1500 No IP Address


I have my KPA 1500 remotely located.    I turn on the Amp remotely, using the KPA 1500 utility from Elecraft.   Once it is on, I connect with Fanticipator.   I don't use the fan controls in Fanticipator, I like the small amount of real estate on the monitor andI like the fact that the power out and SWR remain displayed on the screen after I complete transmitting.  That way I can check it after the fact for issues.

Fanticipator connects though the IP address.    It has Wake on LAN, but it doesn't work.  That's the reason that I use the utility to turn the amp on before connecting,

It has happened twice now that I turn on the amp and there is no IP address.    I have to turn it off, and back on, for the IP to appear.

This is not an issue unless you are running the amp remotely