K3 to K3S Upgrade Parts Question

Ian Kahn

Happy Friday, all!

Last week, I ordered, with full payment down, all the available K3 to K3S upgrade components, for this final run. I have a quick question about that. I know the orders are expected to ship in June. Was there ever an expectation set on whether or not we'll have the upgrades in time to get our K3s ready for Field Day? If there was no information in that regard, could someone with familiarity (maybe from Elecraft?) chime in on whether or not parts receipt well before Field Day is a reasonable expectation? I totally understand if it isn't. I just want to make sure I set my own expectations appropriately.

Thanks and 73,

Ian, NV4C

Jim Brown

On 5/14/2021 12:22 PM, Ian Kahn wrote:
whether or not parts receipt well before Field Day is a reasonable expectation?
If you've been paying attention here, on Elecraft's own reflector, or even newspapers, you'll take the pessimistic view. Virtually ALL manufacturing has supply chain problems -- everything from construction to vehicles. We're all swimming around in the same soup.

73, Jim K9YC

Ian Kahn


1. I work for a hospital.
2. I read this group multiple times a day.

So, yes, I am very aware of what's going on with supply chain, COVID, wildfires, etc.

The email I got when ordering availability was announced said to expect shipment sometime in June. While I certainly don't expect delivery the first week in June, Field Day isn't until the LAST week of the month this year. So, my question seems perfectly reasonable. If the answer is, "No", then so be it. That's fine, and I'm patient.

However, my club often uses my K3 as one of its Field Day stations. So, I would like to be able to tell everyone, with some degree of confidence, what its capabilities will, or won't be.

That said, I would greatly appreciate a reasonable, appropriate answer from someone who might know, instead of a snide, backbiting, sarcasm-laced remark. Elecraft sales is busy enough without having to answer my piddling question, and I know many of Elecraft's staff follow this group. If I could get a simple answer from someone in the know, that's all I ask.

73 de,

Ian, NV4C

Jim Brown

On 5/14/2021 8:29 PM, Ian Kahn wrote:
nstead of a snide, backbiting, sarcasm-laced remark.
You have a vivid imagination. That may be what you thought, but it's not what I wrote. Indeed, I suggested that you ask on the Elecraft reflector, with the principals both hang out.

73, Jim K9YC

Keith KV5J




Nolan - KI5IO


You must have received a different letter from Elecraft than I did. I received mine on 04/19/2021 and it didn't say anything about a "June" shipment date.

Below is a cut/paste of the graf that discusses "possible" shipment time.  This is from the e-mail I got from Elecraft.

That same letter is at the Elecraft website and I've added a link to the message here:  https://elecraft.com/pages/k3-k3s-options  

A quick glance at the 3rd graf indicates July.  So not sure where you saw June.

You may be aware of the challenges that many manufacturers are having when it comes to acquiring materials in a timely manner - this is the case for Elecraft and our suppliers.  We expect to order materials by the end of April.  We are guesstimating that it will take ten weeks to receive the materials based on the timelines our suppliers have provided us, and another two to three weeks to assemble.  We hope to start shipping end of July at the earliest.

73 - Nolan K.

David M

You probably shouldn't expect your order to be delivered by Field Day...

From Elecraft's web site:


"We hope to start shipping end of July at the earliest."

Good luck,   de AJ4TF

Ian Kahn


Two comments to this:

  1. To Jim, K9YC - Please accept my apologies for what, in hindsight, was an inappropriate response to your reply to my original post. I saw your reply late in the evening, after a rough day at work. Perhaps I was bit more prickly than I needed to be, and I took your reply to be more than it really was. This, of course, is no excuse for behaving poorly. For that, I apologize, both to you personally, and to the entire community.
  2. To the others who replied - thank you for the answer. I couldn't find the original email from Elecraft, and I obviously mis-remembered what it said about anticipated delivery dates.
I will now go crawl back in my hole and patiently await my components sometime in/after July of this year.

73 de,

Ian, NV4C

Bob Hammond G4DBW

I assumed June 2022........