K3, P3, and Complete Remote Setup for SALE

WW1SS . . . Steve <ww1ss@...>

I have a complete K3 for sale with the following
KPA3 100w
KAT 3 Auto Tuner
KXV3 Interface
KDVR3 Digital Voice Recorder
KFL3A 2.8k 8 pole
KFL3B FM 8 pole
AM filter 8 pole
1.8k filter 8 pole
400hz filter 8 pole
E100210 Side Panel
KUSB Serial Bus Adapter
KSYN3A Updater Synthesizer
P3 Panadapter
P3 TX Monitor
DCHF 2000w coupler

     A K3/0

      A remoteRig RRC-1258 MkII K3 Elecraft K3 twin set

    An Astron SS-18 power supply.

     A Yamaha CM500 headset w/PTT switch

    All cables needed at both ends to hook up and power on.

All items in excellent condition. Asking $3500 for everything. Email is good on QRZ.

Steve . . . WW1SS