K3 MACRO/ Text Message entry HELP

Dave Weiss

Hi All:

I am trying to enter K3 Commands through my P3. Following procedure, I am supposed to see a small blue window on the P3 to enter commands. I used to be able to do this but now, there is no blue window.  I have a feeling that it is hiding and will not show. I know that I am close to finding it but not there yet.

I do have a USB keyboard into the rear of the P3 and I know that it works.

I do have the P3 set to show SVGA data and it is "on" using the Knob.  

Any help would be appreciated.
Dave  K3FT

Larry Nissen

The keyboard you use must not be a multimedia keyboard.  It needs to be a 'dumb' keyboard without any multimedia functions.  You'll probably need to go looking at Goodwill or similar store to find them.

I know of two Dell keyboards that work.  Both are 'KB212-B'.  But that is not enough.  I had to sample multiples to find ones that work.  There is a 'D P/N' at the bottom of the Dell sticker on the back.  Two part numbers I know that work are '0DJ458' and '0DJ454'.  There may be others that work as well.  YMMV.

Larry - N7LAN