FS K3-100


Elecraft K3/100 HF Transceiver # 0734
Built by George Badger, W6TC, June 2008.  Purchased from George's estate in the fall of 2009.  Always operated within a non-smoking, air conditioned environment;  never operated mobile or in a field day tent.  Very clean inside and out.  Never failed me in 10 years!

Configuration Details - 
K3 100W Transceiver with ATU, 400 Hz 8 Pole Filter for CW, 2700 Hz 5 pole filter for SSB & digital; 6 foot red/black power lead with PowerPole connector.
Factory upgrades - DSP, low  phase noise synthesizer, 0.5 ppm TCXO, transverter interface with PR2 preamp, and a bunch of refinements like gold pins.  NO mic, NO sub-receiver, NO DVK, NO general coverage module, NO transverter, NO KUSB cable.  Pictures and completely elaborated details on swap meet.  

Documents: a) purchase and service history, b) kit assembly manual (2007), c) installation guides for synthesizer, transverter interface, TCXO, and KPA3 amp, and d) user guide (2008). 
Radio will ship in Elecraft's packaging with foam inserts, radio in a plastic bag.  Documents and power lead will ship separately.

Asking $1432 plus shipping via PayPal.  Reach me at n7wy at rocketmail dot com.


Sold and delivered!
Bob R