FS: Complete QRP station - KX2 and Buddipole Deluxe

Bob Evans

I’m still clearing the decks for the purchase of a couple of K4 rigs and will have a K3/0 and 5 RemoteRig 1258 MK boxes (2 MK I and 3 MK II) posted no later than tomorrow but today’s listing is my KX2 before I list it on eBay.  It is in fantastic 10/10 condition and you can read about it on Elecraft’s website: if you are unfamiliar with the KX2.  I didn’t get to use it too much but the KX2 is so sweet and very easy to operate if you’ve had Elecraft equipment prior to owning the KX2.  Even if you’ve never owned Elecraft equipment before, you will learn this full featured QRP rig quickly and have a ball with it.  Talk about a full station in your pocket; this is it!  This one has the internal ATU, attached paddle, MH3 microphone and lots of extras I acquired which all neatly fit in the carrying case.   With it comes a Buddipole Deluxe:  The Buddipole Deluxe is no 6 element monobander at 100 feet but you can quickly get on the air from anywhere!


Pictures are located here:!Ao8X30mgRX1UgsY7cSEQ758PaUvtJg


Here is the list of included items and original purchase price of about 18 months ago:


KX2-F_KX2 Transceiver-Assembled                                          $789.95

KXAT2 Internal Antenna Tuner                                                   $199.95

KXPD2 Precision Keyer Paddle                                                    $119.95

MH3 Hand Microphone                                                                   $69.95

Custom Carrying Case for all KX2 components                       $49.95

KXBC2 External Fast Charger                                                         $29.95

BNC-BP M-Binding Post                                                                     $9.95

BNC-RA Male-Female Right Angle BNC                                        $9.95

BNC-UHF Adapter                                                                                $6.95

Earbuds/Mic combo plus connector                                           $19.95

Buddipole Deluxe Package with 50’ coax                                $399.00


                                                                                                Total`  $1,705.50


I’m asking $1200 for the lot and will pay FedEx Ground shipping to CONUS addresses.  Please contact me directly at the email address in this header for any questions.



Bob K5WA