for Sale K3 line

VE3GNO Daniel

For sale K3 line, prefer personal delivery around DC/VA/NC/SC/GA or shipping CONUS 


1)      K3/100-K _K3 100W Transceiver(with 2x New synthesizer KSYN3A -$600 value for both RXs), all upgrades up to date K3S level (less USB), Kit Qty 1       value of  $2,574.95          

2)      KAT3A_KAT3A 100W ATU, Kit Qty 1  value of   $399.95

3)      2x matched  KFL3B-FM-IR_13 kHz (FM/AM) filter for K3/K3S      value of         $299.90

4)      2x matched KFL3A-1.8k-IR_1.8K Filter 8 poles for the K3/K3S (SSB)          value of          $299.90

5)      2x matched KFL3C-400_400 Hz Filter 8 pole  for the K3/K3S (CW/DATA)    value of    $339.90

6)      2x matched KFL3A-250-IR_250 Hz Filter 8 poles for the K3/K3S (CW/DATA)   value of       $339.90             

7)      KRX3A-K_High Performance Subreceiver, Kit       value of         $699.95                            

8)      2x KBPF3A_KBPF3A General Coverage RX Band-pass Filters, Kit    value of      $399.90              

9)      KDVR3_KDVR3 Digital Voice Recorder, Kit          value of          $169.95

10)   K144XV-K_144-148 MHz 10 W Internal Module, Kit       value of       $389.95

11)   K144RFLK_K144XV Reference Lock Board, Kit  value of $99.95

12)   P3-K_P3 Panadapter, Kit            value of                  $749.95

13)   P3SVGA_P3SVGA P3 Video/FFT Adapter, Kit    value of   $289.95

Total value $7,054.10  will sell for $4500 or best offer

vy 73 de VE3GNO/YO3GJC Daniel
Cary NC