Robert W5AJ

Please review with me steps about FACTORY RESET

1st - save config file
Factory reset 
Then what's next step?
is calibration required post reset?
(This K3 has new syn board, original RS232 board, AUX IO Board for beverage antenna, 100 watt module and added 400hz 8 pole filter.
Audio output on speaker is reduced on this K3.  checked settings know of and the advanced ones.  
This seems like next step to restore radio

TNX 73 W5AJ Robert

Bob McGraw - K4TAX

Two things to check, go to the CONFIG menu, scroll to AF GAIN using VFO B knob.  If it is set to LO then use the VFO A knob to change it to HI.  Then exit the menu.  If that doesn't correct the issue, if you have an earlier known good configuration file on your computer, I would use the K3 Utility to restore the configuration to that version.  

A factory reset will require ALL parameters including filter offsets to be correctly established.  This is, in my opinion, is a "last-ditch effort" to get the radio working correctly. 

Bob, K4TAX