[Elecraft_K3] Voice mode

Simon Brown <simon.brown@...>

Hi Bill,

How blind is blind in this case? I ask as I'll provide full support for the K3 in Ham Radio Deluxe, and this can have voice enabled - there are blind hams who can still see a bit. For this very reason I support full UI customisation - font sizes, colours etc.

Also if your friend has a partner he or she can always use the PC to change settings - it would be very simple. In a program such as mine the user will be able to store an unlimited set of profiles and just toggle through them with a single keystroke.

What I have done elsewhere is enable a special window via a single keystroke combination, then there is voice-enabled navigation.

I'm sure that between Elecraft's Lyle KK7P and those of us who write free software your friend will be able to enjoy the K3, we can't let someone down.

Simon Brown, HB9DRV

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From: "Bill" <bill@...>

I am inquiring for a blind friend as to the voice synth. on the K3.
Does it have one? And if so, does it do the menus like the TS2000 or
just the freq and s meter and mode like so many others?