[Elecraft_K3] Re: Swapping Standard 2.7 kHz 5-pole Filter

David Ferrington, M0XDF

I don't know were your QTH is, but I might come live there.
Over here, the survey would cost more than that - just one acre (with
domestic use and no house yet) would cost ~ £1,000,000, that's about
$2,000,000 at current exchange rate.

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Or just order all of the filters, five in each of the two receivers
and run your own evaluations. A true metrologist....Since I have no
antennas I could afford that option.
You'll need ~$1100 for the filters plus two HP 8640B Signal
Generators, a couple of precision attenuators, a hybrid combiner and a
True-RMS responding meter (and some other bits and pieces).

Where I live you could buy several acres for that amount and put up
some decent antennas! :-)

73, Bill
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