[Elecraft_K3] Re: Firmware upgrades

Don Nesbitt

Interesting post - I have been an Elecraft fan almost
from the start - have the K1, KX1 and had a
K2/100/KAT100. Sold the K2 (BTW an amazing rig) to
make room for the K3 that I ordered as soon as it was
announced at Visailia.

I've also got an Orion II. Never one glitch, burp,
belch or problem with software downloads, etc! The O
II just sits there and works - extremely stable
software and hardware. I know that reading the Orion
or TT reflectors can skew your view - most of us that
have no problems just use the rigs and go on our way
without comment.

It will be interesting to see how my new K3 stacks up
against the O II. I'm sure it will be a terrific
addition to my shack. Wayne and Eric have built a
wonderful community around technically sound
equipment. Bravo! '73 es gud dxing -- Don N4HH

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You are not the only one that feels this way and
it's not that it
hasn't been long enough for Orion to make good on

I never bought an Orion, just watched the list for
2.5 years waiting
for things to look better with it. As of today,
still unstable.

Oddly enough, I have the Argo V and I just turn it
on and it works,
every time the same way - WELL!

Same thing for my OMNI VI+ which is may favorite rig

So what happened with Orion? I'd expect by now,
whatever it was, if
it could have been fixed it would have been already.


I am so excited about the K3 and I've put my money
where my mouth is.

de wb8yqj ..

...and keeping the OMNI for-ever!

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You raise a very good question. I am following
this group and the
TenTec Omni 7 group because I am considering a
future purchase
after a
very careful evaluation. The Omni 7 is out and I
am frankly
by much of what I see reported in that group.
After a few months
are now at least on their 10th firmware release
and there are
scores of things that don't work correctly. So
it's a very good
question to ask of current Elecraft owners if
that's what can be
expected with the K3 release also. I can't wait
to hear answers on
this one.

Knut - AB2TC
I own an Orion I (and a K2) and have decided to
transfer the flag
the Orion to a K3. I have no insight into the
innards of the
firmware but from watching the myriad of updates
and all the
unfortunate interactions, it just must be
architected in an
or otherwise poor way.... They also just give
little feedback on
what is going on including not acknowledging
problems... I'm sure
there will be a number of revisions to the K3
firmware as they add
goodies or correct things but I expect a totally
different and
experience from Elecraft based on demonstrated
competence and
commitment.... Saving my money...

Tom N5TW

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