Digital Dispaly Units for W2, KPA500 and coming next week KPA1500 DDU

Keith KV5J

My new KPA1500 Digital Display Unit will be available next week after testing is complete and stock is built.
The KPA1500 DDU can be remotely located from the main amplifier up to the RS232 limits.
It will display the same screen as is shown on the display at the amplifier. This will allow viewing of the screen on the amplifier  while the KPA1500 is located away from the operating position.  The DDU is only 4x4x2 so it can be placed at your favorite viewing location. 
More information will be available next week along with ordering.
You can be added to the list for notification of ordering by emailing DDUinfo@...
You can also order my other DDUs at
W2 Watt Meter DDU is in stock.
KPA500 Amplifier DDU is in stock.

Keith KV5J

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