Broken KX2 internal tuner?

Kelly Breed

I think I did something to my KX2 internal tuner. I don’t know exactly when this started happening but it’s possible it was after I accidentally transmitted a too-high signal from my base station to the KX2 while trying to verify calibration. To be clear, I understand my mistake there.

Setting up a random wire antenna and counterpoise, turning off the KX2 internal tuner and using a T1 external tuner I can get 20m to tune to 1.4:1. Using the very same antenna set up and taking the T1 out (it was connected to the radio by 6 inches of coax) the best I can now do with the internal tuner is about 7.6:1. I get similar results on other bands. When I go to the settings for the tuner and scroll through all the inductor and capacitor settings I can hear a click with each one, so I think that means the relays are OK at least.

I’m wondering whether or not it is worth it to send the radio in to Elecraft or just buy a new internal tuner board? Have any of you experienced a similar problem?


N4KS Ken Stuber

Hi Kelly.

I suggest you ask your question at the KX group:

73, Ken N4KS

Ignacy Misztal

I sold my KX2 in EU and then the AT stopped working. The new owner found a microgap and soldered it.
Ignacy NO9E