Behaviour of KPA500 when K3S on 2 metre transverter

Alan Baker

I’ve not long had my KPA500 fully hooked up to the K3S, but I notice that when the K3S is switched to the 144MHz internal transverter, the display on the KPA500 shows 5.3MHz, even though the K3S displays the correct transverter frequency.
The KPA500 doesn’t attempt to transmit, as there’s no RF routed to it, so it’s just a minor annoyance.
I know I could just turn the KPA500 off, then I wouldn’t see it, but I’d prefer to correct the anomaly.
Does anyone know if there’s a setting in the K3S that would correct this. There certainly is nothing in the KPA500 to change it.


Alan. G4GNX

David Robinson

Hi Alan

Thats normal and has always been that way (like the inability to turn down the power of the 2m internal XV to zero output!)

"With CONFIG:KIO3B set to NOR, the BAND0-3
outputs are mapped based on the selected HF-6 m
band as shown below. On transverter bands,
BAND0-3 will all be set to zero."

if band 0-3 are outputing zeros, which is the code for 60m , thats where the kpa500 thinks it is

There  is nothing in the menus to avoid it. If you unplug the band data cable it will still show 60m