AM anyone?


I realize this is a huge stretch on here but anyone have experience setting up transmit EQ for 6-8kc AM. 
Do you even want more than 6kc wide. 
Also getting forward modulation and alc issues. 
I suppose ESSB settings might be relevant also. 

Mike R

Absolutely Awesome 

Bob McGraw - K4TAX

I run the same EQ on AM that I use for SSB.   I find that the MIC and MIC technique one uses has more impact on the transmitted sound and thus any EQ that might be needed. 

My setting are as follows:  50 Hz -16dB, 100 Hz -16 dB, 200 Hz -9 dB, 400 Hz 0 dB, 800 Hz 0 dB, 1.6 kHz 0 dB, 2.4 kHz +3 dB, 3.2 kHz +6 dB.  For AM the  ESSB is set to 4 kHz for AM only.  For SSB I do not use ESSB.  I run the CMP to peak at about 10 dB and the ALC to peak between the 5th and 6th mark.   The mike is a Shure SM-58.  I work about 1" from the face of the MIC and directly on axis.   I do NOT use any external signal processing. 

Personally, any AM signal over 6 kHz wide is bordering on being illegal. 

Bob, K4TAX