Elecraft K3s, P3, 2x SP3.... fully loaded. #forsale

Clay Autery

Need to downsize.... Hopefully, I will be getting into a fully optioned KX3/PX3/KPXA100 setup so I can more easily hump the radio (sans other) to the field on foot, bike, or canoe.
This combo was/is assembled and tuned and petted, and...  by me with exacting detail, babied like my own children, regular checkups back at Elecraft.

Elecraft K3s, Serial # 106xx
K3S/100-K   $2649.95    1     K3S 100W Xcvr. (Modular Kit) (Upgraded from SO-239 to best N-Connectors I could find.)
KAT3A-K     $319.95     1     K3S ATU (Modular Kit)
KRX3A-K     $699.95     1     High Performance Subreceiver Kit *(It was the LAST Brand New Unit on the shelf)*
K144XV-K     $389.95     1     144-148 MHz 10 W Internal Module
K144RFLK     $99.95     1     K144XV Reference Lock Board
KFL3A-400 8-pole   $312.90     2     400 Hz 8 pole filter (matched, had to buy 3 to get proper match)
InRad 700Hz     $280.00     2     matched 700Hz, 8-pole filters
KFL3A-2.8K-IR_2.8 kHZ     $299.90     2     Matched 2.8k filters
KFLA3A-6K  $254.95     2     6K AM/ESS) filters
KFL3B-FM     $205.00     2     13k FM filters
KTCXO3-1    $119.95     1     K3S TCXO (0.5ppm)
K3EXREF     $99.95      1     Ext 10MHz Ref Input for K3S
KBPF3A      $359.90     2     K3S Gen. Cov. RX Modules ( 1 per receiver)
KDVR3       $149.95     1     K3S Dig. Voice Recorder
SP3     $359.90     2     SP3 External Speakers

Elecraft P3, Serial # 41xx
P3-K        $699.95     1     P3-K Panadapter Kit
P3SVGA      $279.95     1     P3 Video/FFT Adapt.
P3TXMON     $209.95      1     P3TXMON P3 Transmit Monitor
DCHF-200     FREE     1     1.8-54 MHz, 0.1-200W Coupler

To my knowledge, ALL applicable options and updates have been applied.

06/01/2017 - Factory checkup, upgrades:  $300
K-Pod update,
IMD update,
testing, rtn to factory spec.

01/21/2020 - Trip to Factory:  $291.69
Replace shunt resistor near Q2,
Replace TMP socket on 2M module,
Sub-RX installation verified correct,
KPAIO3MDKT Installation,
KPAIO fan input fix,
upgraded KPA3A

02/01/2020 - ID and replace all NON-stainless steel hardware on exteriors of chassis.

I now have $9206.88 total into the entire line.

For Sale:  $8250.00, shipped CONUS/firm, other than CONUS at buyers expense/full insurance.

Includes binder with documentation on most everything and changes posted.  Also includes various cables, extras, CD/DVD with manuals, data, software, firmware, et al.

Yes, I am asking a lot, and as a pristine, fully optioned K3s/P3/SP3 setup.... it is worth every penny.  <smile>
I have it priced at the compensation level at which I (think I) can let my treasured setup go.


Clay E. Autery, Jr.