MIc cable for the KX3 and Heil PR-781

Bob McGraw - K4TAX

I usually just make my own.  The PR-781 as I recall has a 3 pin XLR connector.  Normal XLR wiring is; pin #1 ground/shield, #2 Mike audio high, #3 Mike audio low.   Typically connection for unbalanced configuration is to connect pin #3 to pin #1.   

As to the KX3 connector, it is a Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve plug.  Ground/shield is sleeve, Mike audio low connects to the Sleeve.   Mike audio high connects to the Tip.  The other two contacts, ring, and ring, are Logic Ground and PTT/UP/DN functions. 

Bob, K4TAX


HI Folks,

 Is anyone using the Heil PR-781 mic with their KX3, if so can you tell what cable I should get ?

Peter - ve3pcd