FS - K3 and P3

Dan Littel



Both built by original owner, and in excellent cosmetic and operational condition;  includes extensive Elecraft upgrades, essentially a K3S.



K3 S/N 1671

·         K3 100w Transceiver

·         KAT3 internal 100w Automatic Antenna Tuner

·         KFL3A-400 400Hz 8 Pole Filter

·         KFL3A-2.1 khz 8 Pole Roofing Filter

·         KUSB Universal Serial Bus Adapter

·         KTCO3-1 Temp Comp Xtal Osc 1ppm

·         KXV3 K3 Transverter Interface

·         KXV3B RX Ant, IF Out, Preamp (6m, 10m, 12m), Transverter Interface (replaced PR-6)

·         K3DSPUPGD DSP Board Modified to Rev D

·         K3IOBUFFKT IF Output Buffer Gain Modification

·         AFOPMDKT K3 AF Amplifier Output Modification

·         E560002 K3 KPA12v Sense Modification

·         K3DSPLPF K3 Rev D upgrade (LPF)

·         KSYN3AUPG K3SN3A Synthesizer upgrade kit

·         K312MDKT, Increases the K3’s 12v Aux current from 500ma to 1A

·         DC cable to power strip (powerpole connectors)

·         Original K3 manual

·         Fred Cady’s Elecraft Macro Programming for K3s, K3, KX3, P3/SVGA, PX3 and K-Pod


P3 S/N 3757

·         P3 Panadapter for the K3

·         P3SVGA Video FFT Adapter

·         3 interconnecting cables to K3

·         Original P3 manual

·         (includes shipping CONUS in Elecraft shipping boxes; Paypal or USPS money order)


Price (K3 and P3):  $2,300

Questions via e-mail;  see W9EW on QRZ.com for address

Thanks, Dan, W9EW