KX3 Remote control using RemoteRig

Ken WR7D

I haven't found much information on this subject. Most things I've found deal with using the KX3 to control a remote K3(S).

I would like to remotely control a KX3 and still have good CW performance using a straight key. The RemoteRig boxes seem to "solve" the CW problem. I would use software on the control side since there isn't a "control head" for the KX3. The manual does mention the ability for a KX3 to control another KX3, but that is listed as experimental. Not sure how much else has been done with it. A panadapter on the control side would be nice as well, but not a necessity.

I found a utility form Pignology that uses an image of the KX3 that would be great, but it's not being sold anymore. Win4K3Suite seems to be a good option, but the controls are not laid out like the actual KX3.

I know I'll need to build a cable to connect the KX3 to the remote side RemoteRig box. I guess I could use the KXSER cable, but would need a gender bender. I'm also wondering if the I/Q signal could be passed over one channel of the RemoteRig and then decoded at the control side for a panadapter.

Anyone done something like this or have any ideas?


Michael Foerster

I remember when the KX3 first came out, Elecraft talked about the capability of the KX3 controlling the K3 but after it was released, the story changed though, saying that the KX3 did not have fast enough software for control of the K3 and there were compatibility problems.  Might have been a dream that had complications...

You can connect the two together and get some controls (frequency, band change), but it is not compatible for remote control.  

I wish it was!