Display Anomaly

Mel Marcus

I hope the people in this group dont think i am crazy
I have a K3 connect to a P3 with txmon and svga.
Lately i have notices noise that seems to follow the cursor.  here is a couple of examples:
80 meters noise is 3Khz up from the cursor
40 meters noise is 7 Khz up from the cursor
20 meters noise is 14 Khz up from the cursor.
when i turn on the preamp the noise level goes down
if i move the cursor the noise leads the cursor by the amount stated a above

Anyone have any idea what is going on




Is this something that has just recently started to occur?

Have you done any recent reconfigurations in your shack with the equipment layout?

Maybe take the cover off the P3 and see if slightly touching or moving the flat ribbon cable makes any differences.

I know Elecraft had provided a sticky-back clip to help hold that ribbon cable flat and in place snug against the sidewall of the P3's cabinet.

Interesting to note your noted noise level is quite consistent and/or precise with the band changes.
73 - Nolan K.