K3 For Sale, including SP3 Speaker

Ed Gansen <Edgansen@...>

K3/100F K3 100W Transceiver - Factory Assembled
S/N 1707

KAT3-F K3 ATU - Factory Assembled

KFL3A-400 K3 400 Hz, 8 Pole Filter

KFL3A-2.8K K3 2.8 kHz, 8 Pole Filter

KUSB Universal Serial Bus Adapter

KSYN3A KYSN3A Synthesizer Upgrade


K3STFNR-F K3 Syn Stiffener Plate Mod

E850235-F KIO3A Digital IO PCB Assm Mod

K312VMDKT-F K3 12VDC Current Mod

KXV3A-F K3 RX Ant, IF Out & Xverter Interface

MH4 Handheld Microphone

SP3 External Speaker

Excellent Condition, Physically and Operationally.

Hardware & Circuitry Updated, Factory Calibrated & Aligned - 9/3/2013

Factory Check Out, Calibrated & Aligned - 2/21/2021

Total cost for above: $ 4174.00

For Sale Price: $ 1600.00, plus Buyer Preferred Shipping

Prefer PayPal.

Please contact directly to K8dss@arrl.net

Ed Gansen - K8DSS

Ed Gansen <Edgansen@...>

Sold, pending receipt of funds

73' Ed - K8DSS