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 I was management at CBS corporate in NYC. I never saw such a questionaire. It appears you were a technician under IBEW contract so I don’t know what they required. I did become a member of BCARS (broadcast center amateur radio society) which was comprised mostly of IBEW technicians.   We rebuilt the ham shack on top of the 514 building and put a repeater on the Empire State building (all new factory installed Motorola gear). We did everything to code and to union spec. Bob Ross who was in charge of all engineering at CBS and a very big ham radio supporter (donated prizes at the NAB ham radio gathering) could write checks up to $100,000 without further approval and was a big BCARS supporter. We didn’t do cheap or messy. 

I don’t recall your name so where exactly at CBS did you work?

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Hi Bob:

Hmmm... sorry to hear of that "anti-ham" hiring bias.  Over five decades ago, I was hired by CBS, and one of the questions on the job application was: "Do you have an Amateur Radio license, for how long, and what grade."   

It turns out those members of the technical staff who did have a ham ticket were among the most valuable employees.  Sure, not every technician had a ham license, but a number had commercial licenses (required for those who would be operating a transmitter, back then).  Of those technical employees who were ever let go, or who left on their own, not a single one was a ham.

Different strokes, I suppose.

73 & QSH de Ray K2ULR    

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Famous last words. The reason I have never hired Hams!

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> Save your money!   
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Charles Garner

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