RS232 Splitter -Finally Solved!

Bob Chortek

Thanks everyone for the helpful suggestions.

I think we have done it!

Here was the secret to success:

1.  Setting the Rig to “None” under the Radio tab in WSJTX was a HUGE step forward. The article I read about using a K3 on FT8 “without” CAT control never mentioned the need to set the Rig to None.  Should have been obvious to me but I spent hours fiddling with various settings before it finally occurred to me.  Duh!  This allowed me to actually more forward.  A good night’s sleep and it finally dawned on me!

2.  Selecting a different output under Windows made the tone I was then hearing disappear.  The audio was not being sent to the K3 and was instead being routed to the computer speakers.  After selecting the proper Audio Output in Windows the audio was then routed to the K3.

3.  Finally, changing the Output to “Both” instead of “Mono” under the Audio tab in WSJTX solved the “No TX problem.”


I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everyone’s help!!!!

The K3 will now go into TX and I can finally adjust the ALC to 4 bars with the 5th just flickering.

I’ve only tested it into a dummy load (works fine) so the next step is to try to make some contact but it LOOKS GOOD!

Decodes 100 percent using an RX antenna and TX fine into the dummy load.

Thanks Everyone!

73 es DX