FS: Elecraft KPA1500 amplifier

Jeff AC0C

I offer for sale my KPA1500 amplifier in excellent cosmetic and operational condition.

Given the amount of nonsense I see on a lot of boards with respect to high end gear sales, I would welcome the serious buyer come to the shack for a first hand personal check out of the amp so the new owner can be 100% satisfied of it's condition.

For those otherwise trusting buyers who don't associate my callsign with that of a scoundrel, I would be willing to do some driving for a meet up & hand off as part of the deal.  QTH here is about 30 minutes south of Kansas City, KS, in the lovely center of the propagation black hole here in the great USA.

$5400 OBO.

Those interested - kindly contact me off list to    jeff at ac0c dot com

Happy Thanksgiving and this year it looks like we will have some extra propagation on the CQ WPX CW contest this weekend as well to be thankful for.