(lightly used / Brand New) K3S from Elecraft?

VE9AA - Mike

Some months back (probably before Covid)  I saw an email(?) from Elecraft--maybe not on this reflector, but somewhere and I forget the exact verbiage, but the essence of the message was that they would have a limited supply of K3S' available for sale.

I never did see them after checking the Elecraft website every couple weeks for a month or so, so I emailed Wayne.

Wayne replied to me that they weren't available yet and he had CC'd Eric for a response which never came.

Hey-they are busy guys...I get it.  I wasn't about to 'hassle' them about it

My question is......did this limited batch of lightly used K3S' ever come up for sale?

I don't recall why I think this, but somewhere in the depths of my mind I thought perhaps they were coming back from DXpeditions or something.

I have one early K3 fully loaded and was very casually looking for another, or maybe a K3S...guess I just waited too long.....and so that's where I am at.

Maybe they went in the blink of an eye...not sure.  I only checked the website every 2-3 weeks back 6-8 months ago.

Just curious.

Tnx all....stay safe...be well.....CU (all of a sudden) on the air

Mike VE9AA