Elecraft service.

KE1F Lou

I manage to do something real dumb to my KP500 using WSJT mode.

After contacting Elecraft and describing the error codes, I received Return authorization.

I had my KPA500 for 10 years, I didn't have the original box after learning that I can order one from Elecraft (a well hidden secret among the parts list) I received the box in 3 days

I mailed the amp and on Friday and arrived in Ca. on Tuesday, Oct 20th. On November 3rd, I was informed the the amp is fixed. UPS delivered the amp on November 10, today.

The amp is back in good working order.

I received with the ampĀ  a detailed "work performed written report, including upgrades and mods.

This report contains the following information in detail:

Reported Problem

Problem found

Repairs performed

Upgrades and mods performed

Tests performed (including a 14 hours burn-in

The report is signed by the the Elecraft technician performed the repair and test.

You can't beat that service for the price Elecraft charged.

Thanks Elecraft.

73, Lou KE1F