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Jim N7US

Some of the buttons on my K-Pod aren't working reliably either.

If you'd rather not buy and configure another hardware device, you can instead use software for often-used front-panel commands and macros.

Two programs I use are DXLab's Commander, which has user-defined controls, and VA2FSQ's Win4K3Suite. The latter can be used with DXLab and/or N1MM+, as well as many other programs (more than one at a time if desired).

For those using DXLab, many macros have been shared on the Groups.io DXLab website:

VA2FSQ's program has 20 macros available. See page 50 of the manual at
https://va2fsq.com/wp-content/uploads/Win4K3Suite-Documentation-v1.45.pdf .

I have one similar to the one that NK7Z uses for working split-frequency CW pileups:


And to clear it:


I have these two macros both in DXLab's Commander and in Win4K3Suite.

Check out the commands in the K3S and P3 Programmer's Reference Manuals.

73, Jim N7US

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If you want to preserve your rubber buttons, use an external keypad...


for my solution to this...

I now have 64 keys that will launch any macro programmed into the P3/SVGA... My favorite is the CW DX macro... I SPOT a CW station, (using the keypad), then hit the "SPLIT + 5" button, and the macro moves the CW station to the left side of the P3, sets the bandwidth for the P3 to 6 KHz., and finally makes VFO-B the transmit frequency control, while showing the 6 KHz. above the DX station on the P3... Takes about half a second to run, and all with a single button press...

I almost never touch the front of the radio anymore... If I have some action I do a lot, I just program a macro for it, assign it to a key on the keypad and I never touch the radio again for that function...

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On 11/7/20 8:54 AM, Szab Istv n wrote:
The rubber buttons will wear out earlier or later that might be a concern only. If you are concerned buy now spare component and you will be a happy old timer radio owner after decades.

73, István