Factory service still available? [WSJT-X bug?]

John Canfield <bucket@...>

The weird thing is my K3S, PC and WSJT-X were all happy (aside from some operational issues with the app) and playing together nicely since about mid-December. The fly in the ointment could be a Win10 update hosed something up, I think I've had maybe two or three of those this year.

I wonder if Dr. Taylor is tracking bugs, I know there's a developer email list.

Bob Bennett

I think it is the computer operating system which likes to go back to its factory set default. The Flex Radio SmartSDR has the same problem and the developers seemed, at least in Windows, to concede to Win10 and tell users not to use the Flex audio settings as the default Windows sound settings. 

Bob NZ2Z 

Rick <rick.22202@...>

Precisely. Same issue here. The fact that the TX audio "comes back" when WSJT-X is restarted seems to strongly suggest the issue is with WSJT-X.

I have the same issue with no transmit audio. This occurs after my
screen power setting turns off my display. Upon turning the display
back on, no transmit audio is sent.

Once this happens, I can restart WSJT to fix it. Or change the TX sound
card to a wrong value and then change it back to the correct value.
Interesting once I fix it this way, further screen power being turned
off does not cause the problem.

This has to be a WSJT bug.