New KX1

Darryl J Kelly

I wish Elecraft would reintroduce a radio like the KX1. I see several companies producing radios that are very competent and desirable for QRP and SOTA in the $500 =/- price range. I would like a KX2 or KX3 but don't want to spend $1K or more. I bought a hard to find KX1, very competent radio but somewhat dated. I would like to see a new version of the KX1, not needing all the features of the KX2 or KX3, but in the same form factor and in the $500 price range. Elecraft did it right once, why not try again?
Darryl, KK5IB

Bruce Prior

Although I operate mostly CW on HF bands, a new economical Elecraft HF QRP rig would have to be SSB capable in order to be economically viable. If the FCC gets its act together and approves the ARRL proposal to allow voice and data modes on 80 m, 40 m and 15 m for Technicians, a huge new market will open. That would make it reasonable for every one of us to volunteer to teach a Technician class in our local middle schools. That way, we could double the number of active USA hams in one year and move ham radio away from a sickly geriatric hobby.

Bruce Prior N7RR