6M TX Gain LP Calibration is high on K3S

Chuck ke9uw

When I got this K3S new a few years ago, the LP 6M TX gain cal did not calibrate and eventually it calibrated at "52000 kHz TXGain LP 121". I didn't want to send it back, and that's why I kept calibrating it until I got the odd reading but at least it completed the cal. I don't get on 6M much.
Now I'm wondering why it is high. The HP 6M TX gain cal is "52000 kHz TXGain HP  17" which seems ok.
Anything to be concerned about?


Make sure you have 5.67 FW and look in the K3 Utility firmware notes re the Atn6 setting, try the "other", depending on where you had it set.
Keith WE6R Elecraft K3/K4 Tech